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These remain an important first step of a troubleshooting process, but as more and more cloud applications are delivered over Ethernet, there will be more and more cases of seemingly ‘perfect’ network performance, but poor application performance. The common ‘solution’ is to blame the application – but often this isn’t the problem.

Dan Galatin

To provide a little bit more color on Steve's question, these numbers were averages over a one-month period for measurements that make up Keynote's home-page indices. Measurements were taken every 15 minutes from Keynote's global agent network. Agent locations varied depending on the index (for example, measurements for the Swedish index were taken from a group of agents in Scandinavia).

Dan Galatin

Thanks Steve! These numbers are generated from synthetic measurements included in Keynote Performance Indices.

Steve Souders

It's definitely important to track these user experience metrics. How were these numbers generated? Was it from real users or synthetic? If synthetic, what was the setup?

Great article.

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